Creative Action

We live in interesting times. Some people face difficult days, others wake to more joyful expectations. I know. I get up at 5 am in the dark most working days and believe me, it isn’t easy. Not for what lies ahead, but because no matter what time I go to bed at night, my deep sleep is 4 am to 7 am, which means an abrupt awakening.  Of course, once I’ve coaxed my body awake (hint: it takes sunrise to go into effect, so I’m clearly not a vampire), I really have a pretty good day in store. I believe that when I start my day.  That said, I’m not immune to unfortunate news and events . I have concerns about things like anybody else. Things like the economy, children in need, health, war, human rights, animal rights – oh yes ,the list is endless. How does anyone function with so much negative energy in the world? As an artist it find it helps to work on my thoughts about such things, but not all of them at once.  I can accept just how cruel the world can be or  I can generate  a thought to make a difference in my day or someone else’s.

“For every action in the Universe, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Get it?

As a creative person, I find it easy enough to generate good actions. The challenge is to react to negative actions with equal, opposite and effective force. I’ve said it before, art has the power to improve the human condition and elevate the human spirit.  Sometimes just making an injustice visible or simply singing while you grocery shop is the action to take.

I challenge you to take action.Use your creative voice, your vision of what can be and your courage to make commentary. Communicate in your most comfortable medium or take a risk in a new one. If banging a drum to the rhythm of your day does it for you, strap one on. You may even start a parade.

If you prefer to “make something” then look in the news papers and magazines for things going on in the world that you have an opinion about. Real issues, like the economy, family values, celebrities who have no merit to be such, charities you believe in, political points of view, a local hero and the list goes on.

Read through the article and look for key words that trigger your unique thoughts on it. Look for  or create  images to represent your toughts. You may find words have enough power to be included, but consider the visual impact. Cut the images and lay them out in a composition. Use copy machines or scan into a photo shop program to make adjustments in size, color etc. Print, cut and add to final collage. A glue stick will hold it together, if only a glue stick were all that the world needed.  Add mixed media to emphasize design and make your statement stronger.

“For every action in the Universe, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

What is your action?


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