Planting Seeds

It’s not too late in the season to plant seeds. It’s actually never too late when you think metaphorically. I spent some time this morning with my sister at a local farmer’s market held at the Dudley Farm in North Guilford, CT. This farmer’s market has a wonderful variety of vendors that not only include local produce growers, but also bakers, crafters and blue grass musicians. Deb got some luscious looking tomatoes, fresh basil, squash and cucumbers. I found my way to my favorite baker to pick up a giant loaf of cinnamon bread (makes the best ever French Toast).

Clearly the vegetables had been planted early enough in the season to be ready to sell now. However, I had planted a seed at the farm last fall that is just about to bloom, metaphorically. I’d contacted a lovely woman named Phyllis by phone, who organizes the farmer’s market to plan a special book signing event for Nature’s Royal Tea Party. Typical New England weather, the only dates open last Fall were rained out miserably. Today, without planning  it, I finally met Phyllis in person and we picked another date, let’s hope a dry one. There is a point to sharing this story other than self promotion- by the way the date is July 17th from 9am-noon.

Yes, my point- I recommend that anyone wanting to make things happen, whether it’s improving career options, learning a new skill, improving social connections or, in my case, sharing my creative process- just plant seeds. It simply means do something each day, anything,  toward your goal. You won’t always get an immediate result, but it’s really kind of neat how things start to pop up if you plant the seeds to begin with.  A seed I planted in January at a fundraiser for the Children’s Museum grew into an invitation by the New London Public Library to present my book at  the Fish Tales, Tugs and Sails event July 24th (yes, more self promotion, but it’s all good).

You can’t always predict what will grow, but keep planting seeds. You will reap a beautiful garden. Of course planting real seeds is not a bad idea either. A beautiful garden may indeed be the best goal.



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8 responses to “Planting Seeds

  1. Nancy Mac

    Hey- Did my mom give you the business card of the woman who has a store on State Street in NL? She may be interested in carrying your book.

  2. Love this, Cheryl. What’s great about planting seeds is the freedom from attachment to specific outcome. Just letting it unfold. Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, either. You are just informing your fan base. 🙂


  3. shista Deb

    Nice…it was a beautiful morning!!

  4. annie malone

    cheryl… happened on you by “accident” while trying to research a pencil sketch I found yesterday in a local MD’s office!! No luck locating the sketch or the artist, but I found your “stuff” very interesting & I intend to follow your new book. i am looking to locate a copy’ somehow, of a limited edition drawing I saw ysterday in New Haven. It is a wonderful portrayal of the Thimble Islands in Branford. # 87/125 (i think) . Of course my camera jammed so I dont have anymore info, other than the artist….Carleton. If you know anything about this piece, would you kindly contact me @ 203 909 7280. I would appreciate it so much. I am not an artist, but a local RN times 37 years!!! I have to return to work soon (7/10) so will be very busy after that. Not too busy tho to hopefully make your booksigning in Glfd. on 7/17 @ Dudley Farm. Thanks in advance for any assist you may be able to provide in my quest to locate a copy of this work. To be quite honest, I am rather techno-challenged…..I think i am on a “blog”?? maybe?? Thats why i have asked you to phone me. Don,t know if I could find my way back here!!! Annie Malone Branford Ct. 6/29/12

    • cherylkling

      Hi Annie,
      I’m wondering if the artist is Jan Carleton. I’ll have to dig up my Guilford Art League members list to see if she’s listed. If the image is of the Thimble Islands, maybe someone at the Willoughby Wallace Library in Stony Creek would know. They have an annual art exhibit that focuses on Stony Creek, I think during the Summer..
      Thanks for your interest in my children’s book. I think the date you read for Dudley Farm may have been last year. I will be there again this Summer, but I don’t have a date set yet. I’ll surely let you know when I’ll be there. Also, Breakwater Books in Guilford carries it.
      And yes it is a blog. Besides making art, I teach art and facilitate creativity workshops. All good fun.

      I’ll let you know if I find anything out about your artist. BTW- I have lots of nurses in my family.You have to be special to do that work. Truly.
      Be well- Cheryl

      • annie malone

        Simple!!! You found me, and I FOUND you again! I guess I am officially participating in a blog! For me, that is a seed that has sprouted. Thanks for taking the time to think about that pencil sketch. The library is a great idea & a wonderful reource….I will look into it. Please don’t forget to notify me of the new booksigning date. Will it be @ Dudley Farm this year??? I have never been there but have heard nice things about it. I am looking forward to Op Sail tomorrow & thru the weekend in Niantic & New London. The Tall Ship Cisne Branco from Brazil will be there under full sail during the parade…..250″ three masted square rig…what a sight I imagine!! And then, Cheryl, it is back to work for me…..:( As much as I love my work’ I have most recently found 5,285 OTHER THINGS to occupy my time. (such as your blog!) Thats what cancer will do for you! I am 58 yrs old & have just defeated the ugly monster for the THIRD time in my short life!!!!! I am so full of life & energy, & so greatful to God for giving me a third CHANCE to live!!!!!!! There are those who don’t even get a second one….. that being said, I am off to the garden. Annie

      • cherylkling

        Hi Annie, If you are at OpSail keep an eye out for artists painting. A group I know of is having a “paint out”. My friend Roxanne Steed will be there painting with other artists. Thin lady, short curly blonde hair- 50ish. She has a great website of her work – and is also part of another great site to peruse. You will have to copy and paste the addresses into your browser.

        Bravo on your health accomplishment – some journeys choose us and are harder than one can imagine. Be well and enjoy OpSail-Cheryl

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