I am a life coach, a creativity consultant, an artist and an educator all in one person, plus more. I use skills based on creative intellect not only in my professional work, but also in day to day life. My goals are to provide experiences for people to grow creatively in their own lives. No matter when you put your toys away, it’s time to bring them back out. Learn about who you are as a ‘Creative’ and why you should trust it’ s always a part of you. I believe in “No Creative Left Behind”.

As an artist, my media speaks to versatility. It varies with what I want to communicate. Inevitably, it will show up on this blog. Keep watch.

MALS (Visual Arts)- Wesleyan University

MAEd Hartford Art School(Art Education) , Univ of Hartford

BS- SCSU (Art Education)

CAEA-CT Secondary Art Educator of the Year

WNET Channel Thirteen -UTIE Award

Celebration of Excellence Awards, CT State Dept of Education Honors




 Martha Beck Certified Life Coach




Author/ Illustrator of the  forthcoming children’s book:                        

Nature’s Royal Tea Party


Photo credit: Mary Ann Voss, West Haven CT


4 responses to “About

  1. Nice job on your blog. I love that you give your readers an assignment. I’ll be reading!

  2. cherylkling

    Thank you Nancy. I’ll keep you in mind, especially when I get to your area of expertise. In the mean time anyone else joining me can see some creativity in some awesome Doll Art at http:/web.mac.com/nancymacbride.
    I’m working on my links page for sharing.

  3. Andie Giles

    I have known your talents for years. I am so glad you are sharing those talents with others while still continuing to teach me. Bravo!

  4. Jenny Nelson

    You look great!! I didn’t know you were a life coach. The site is very creative. Look forward to seeing you soon. Love Jenny

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