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Change of Scenery

IMG_0110   One thing that I find always gets my creative juices going is a change of scenery. Now it’s not always convenient to run away to a Vermont inn or fly off for a week to explore Tuscany.  However, there are ways to change the scenery right where you are. My mom and my sisters all rearrange their furniture every few months. Honestly, I don’t have that kind of energy and I know my way around in the dark too well to change my sleep walking pattern. But, I do have to say how refreshing it is when I go into one of their homes to find things changed. I notice things I’ve never seen before. Things that have been in that room all the time, just in a different corner. Often I see what I think are new objects of art that look great at my sister’s, only to find out that I made them myself years ago, but wasn’t happy with them then. My sister had enough sense to fish them out of my trash. A change of scenery sure does have an impact on how we appreciate things. And no, she won’t give them back.

   Changing scenery can be an adventure. Go for a walk in someone’s garden, look in an antique store you’ve never been in, try a different coffee shop or drive an alternate route to work. Actually, sometimes when I do that, I get lost in thought and forget where I’m going.  Make sure you have enough time to reorient and back track if that happens.  It’s worth the extra few minutes, as I get to see apple orchards blooming in the Spring and pumpkin patches  in the Fall if I go a different route.

  Of course, I have intended destinations on my list that are sure to refresh my creativity, but they require planning. Some changes of scenery are down  Memory Lane and can be spontaneous, like today I spent a few minutes  discussing my trip to China with a friend who had also been there.  I had such clear images of my experiences and I felt so happy describing things to him. As I listened intently to what he shared, I was able to be there, if only in my head.

   So, until I can be where I want to go, my other source of changing the scenery is my imagination.  One thing that is great about imagination is that you can go places and still be where you are.  

   Where do you want to go? Make a journal or collage of places you’d like to see .Find pictures and put them on each page with all the things about it that intrigue you. Write the names of cities, museums, beaches, landmarks or people that make it the unique place that it is. As you imagine what it is like there, create a poem, a work of art, special food to put you there in that moment. Make it an intention that you might be really be there some day. It’s funny what happens when you put your intentions on paper. Just imagine.          


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