Creative Language

scan0007   I often have trouble finding the right word for something that I want to describe or place a name to. I believe I have a pretty good scope of vocabulary, but maybe I don’t know that word or is it possible that it doesn’t exist. In some cultures, words for certain things don’t even exist and if I knew what they were, I’d tell you.

    I’m also sorry to say that in some cases, it just might be my memory. You know how it is. The word is either on the tip of your tongue or has left the building with Elvis.

   I was in my Pilates class last week and Christina, my instructor, directed us to bend our right knee. No one moved, because our right knees were already bent. She repeated it a sputtering few times only to get the same get the same result. Finally, she motioned her right elbow the way she wanted us to bend it and laughing said – “your other right knee”. Everyone bent their right elbow.  Admit it, we’ve all had those language glitches and sometimes it’s funny, others not so funny.

   What does that have to do with creativity? Well, some things actually do defy words or can at least exist without them. Have you ever had a moment when a scent or an image or the sound of something evoked a memory spasm that puts you in another moment of time for just a flash of a second? There is no way to describe it, because it’s a sensation. It’s physical and emotional and it’s so personal that no one would get it even if you could. Perhaps spiritual? 

   I think a lot of things defy words and yet it’s so wonderful that people continue to pursue ways to communicate when words fail. I’m suggesting that you do the same.

   Chose a medium for communicating that does not involve words. Think of something that evokes a feeling and express yourself. Hum, whistle, draw pictures, put on a polka, well maybe some Motown and dance it out. It doesn’t even matter if someone else is present to bear witness. What matters is that you can extend that idea or feeling beyond yourself. If you come up with some dance steps that you really want to share, then teach someone else. If you put your symbol for life on paper or any other concept that can be pictured without words, copy it on postcards and send them out. There are many ways to express ideas and feelings visually if drawing is not your thing- try collage, photography, rearranging furniture or add to the list.          


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2 responses to “Creative Language

  1. Interesting idea—rearranging furniture is an example of creativity! Maybe that explains the feeling of satisfaction the new arrangement provides. For me, it’s like acquiring a new room. Express yourself without words: Put your own new twist on an old recipe; use imagination in food servings; combine two patterns to create a new garment; rearrange the books and items on your bookshelves; plan a colorful flower bed, try again to get a good photo of that moon river. Great idea—when words fail, we can still be creative.

  2. cherylkling

    I love your ideas, especially the ones that involve food!

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